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Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips
Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips: Element Plumbing & Gas
Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. Today I will talk about some hot water heater maintenance tips. These ideas will help prolong the life of your storage hot water unit and also minimise disruptions to your warm bath or shower.

1. Check the anode

My first hot water heater maintenance tip is to check the anode and have it replaced every 5 years.

The anode in each storage hot water unit is a sacrificial rod that corrodes and rusts instead of the steel cylinder tank. Water is stored for extended periods of time and if these anodes are not replaced, the steel cylinder tank will corrode and split.

Element Plumbing & Gas can assist you with hot water heater maintenance. Our expert team perform sacrificial anode inspection and also replacement. All plumbing tasks should be handled by a licenced plumber, especially anode replacement, given the dangers of hot water and steam.

2. Check pressure relief valves

My second hot water heater maintenance tip is to have your storage hot water unit pressure relief valves checked.

The pressure relief valves are a crucial safety feature of your storage hot water unit and need to be replaced every 5 years.

These valves work to prevent the steel cylinder tank from bursting through the venting of water as it expands while heating or if it ever over-pressurises. My expert team is fully licenced to inspect and replace pressure relief valves, contact us today for assistance.

3. Check tempering valves

My third hot water heater maintenance tip assists with ensuring you get a safe mix of hot and cold water.

Hot water is stored at a minimum of 60°C in order to comply with hygiene standards and prevent the growth of bacteria.

The hot water is then mixed with cold water via a tempering valve which reduces the supply temperature to the household/business.

50°C is the usual temperature of hot water delivered to your bathrooms, while kitchens and laundries usually receive temperatures of above 60°C.

Commercial clients such as childcare centres and aged care facilities must have a lower and safer temperature of 45°C.

Manufactures of tempering valves suggest replacement every five years.

Rely on a fully qualified and licenced plumber to inspect and also replace tempering valves, contact us today for assistance.

Keep these tips in mind

You can double the life of any tank if you keep these 3 hot water heater maintenance tips in mind and also call upon my expert team to assist with scheduled maintenance.

Hot water heater maintenance and upgrades

Should your system be ready for upgrade and replacement, the team at Element Plumbing & Gas is here to help you. For a new gas hot water system Perth clients can rely on us.

Thanks for reading my hot water heater maintenance tips. Next month we look forward to discussing the typical causes of drain and pipe blockages.