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What blocks drains?
What Clogs Drains? A blog post by Element Plumbing & Gas
What Clogs Drains?

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. “What clogs drains?” is a question I am asked regularly by concerned homeowners and friends having a laugh around the barbecue. Today I will discuss some of the more surprising, sometimes sad and often amusing causes for drain blockage.

1. Children’s toys

Whether it’s the latest hot wheels car, or a brand new doll received as a present, we’ve unclogged many drains containing children’s toys.

What clogs drains more than a yo-yo, a teddy bear, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Read on for more causes.

2. Animals

We find many rats in blocked drains as well as mice and even their droppings.

But it’s truly heartbreaking to find a much loved missing family pet in a blocked drain. We suggest that drain grates are securely fastened by a fully qualified plumber.

Another faux pas made by pet owners is the flushing of self-clumping cat litter. This stuff can block drains and toilets. If the instructions say “do not flush” then make sure you do not flush!

3. Hygiene products

You may have seen the sign in public toilets advising you not to flush hygiene products. People who ignore these signs help keep us plumbers in a job!

What clogs drains? We’ve seen it all. Adult diapers, nappies, female sanitary devices including pads and tampons. So-called “flushable” wipes are not just bad for drains, but if they make it all the way through the plumbing, can be of significant detriment to the environment.

We’ve even unblocked a drain full of condoms.

4. Clothes

We’ve unblocked a drain that was clogged by a g-string and a toilet that was somehow blocked by a bra.

We know accidents can happen and have even discovered soiled boxer shorts clogging drains and toilets.

5. Household items

What clogs drains better than kitchen utensils, napkins and unused food? Items from the garden such as rocks, sand and landscaping supplies.

It might seem like some cheeky entertainment for your kids, but rocks and sand in a drain can result in a blocked drain task for our plumbing team.

6. Plants

Tree roots will run towards water. If your drain is leaking underground, it’s only a matter of time before tree roots will infiltrate your drains and cause significant blockage.

Ask me what clogs drains

Rely on a fully licenced and qualified plumber to diagnose and rectify the key causes of drain blockage.

Contact us today for assistance.