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Burst Pipe Repair

Burst Pipe Repair: Element Plumbing & Gas

What to do if a pipe bursts in your business or home

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. How stressful is it when a pipe bursts in your business or house? It’s pretty much the last thing you need. Here’s a quick rundown on what you can do before our expert team arrives to carry out the burst pipe repair work.

1. Shut off the water metre!

Minimise the potential damage to your home or business. The first step is to shut off the water metre. When you first buy your home or business facility, it’s crucial to know what your water metre looks like and where it’s located in case of emergency. If you don’t know where the water metre is, sometimes the plumber won’t either when they come to do the burst pipe repair.

Water Metre - Burst Pipe Repair Tips: Element Plumbing & Gas

Another tip is to check that your water metre works from time to time. The taps on your water metre are seldom used and can seize up, preventing you from shutting off your water in an emergency situation.

The good news is, if your water metre tap doesn’t shut off you can call the Water Corp on 13 13 75 to have your water metre tap fixed free of charge.

2. Turn on a tap

By turning on a tap after turning off the water metre, you’re actually reducing the pressure in the pipes. This will assist with the burst pipe repair job and can prevent further leakage.

3. Call a Plumber

Namely Element Plumbing & Gas! We are your trusty and reliable licensed plumber and we are only too happy to perform your burst pipe repair job. Not only are we skilled and experienced, we are members of the Master Plumbers Association.

If you can see water, but have no idea where the burst pipe is, our savvy team can help. We carry out water leak detection Perth homeowners and businesses can rely upon.

4. Collect the water

While you’re waiting for our skilled plumbing team to arrive, take measures to collect the leaking water. If the leak is internal and you can see the water, take measures to collect it. Once the water has drained, you should be ok until we arrive to complete your burst pipe repair task.

5. Open doors

If the burst pipe is in a bathroom vanity or in your kitchen cabinetry, leave the doors open to help air out the moisture.

6. Clean up

Once the burst pipe repair work is done, get out your mop and towels to clean up any excess water. Moisture can lead to the growth of mold.

Contact us for burst pipe repair

If you’re in need of burst pipe repair, feel free to contact us urgently. Or if you need assistance with repairing water damage from a burst pipe, take a look at our partners page.