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Hobless Shower Recess
Element Plumbing & Gas: Hobless Shower Recess

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. Are you renovating your bathroom or ensuite? Have you upgraded to a hobless shower recess? For your health and safety, your plumber must install a reflux valve. 

In most cases a reflux valve will be required if there is not the required minimum 150mm height difference between the lowest drain in the house (i.e. the new hobless shower) and the top of the discharge pipe on the outside of the house (ORG overflow relief gully).

This valve is placed outside of the building within the main sewer downstream of the lowest internal fixture.

Is your plumber looking after your health?

Element Plumbing & Gas believe in getting the job done correctly, the first time.

Installing a reflux valve is a crucial step in getting the job done right. Reason being is that if there is a blockage in the public sewer in your street, it’s possible you could have other people’s raw sewage flowing up into your shower. 💩🤢🤮

What is a hobless shower recess?

In a nutshell, a hobless shower recess sits flush with the rest of the tiles on your bathroom floor. Refer to the image below:

Element Plumbing & Gas: Hobless Shower Recess

Element Pluming & Gas perform bathroom and shower renovation plumbing Perth locals can rely on for hobless shower installation.

What is a reflux valve?

Also known as a non return valve or check valve, a reflux valve makes sure water flows in a one-way motion. A reflux valve also prevents water from the sewers flowing up into your hobless shower.

Element Plumbing & Gas: Reflux Valve

How does a reflux valve work?

The valve remains open for forward flow. The valve pushes shut with even the slightest hint of backward flow. This ensures no contaminated water and raw sewage flows into your hobless shower recess.

Element Plumbing & Gas: Reflux Valve

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We hope we have drawn your attention to the importance of a reflux valve in maintaining your current level of health. If you’re thinking of renovating, touch base now.