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Bathroom Renovations in 2020
Bathroom Renovations 2020 feature image: Element Plumbing & Gas

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. If you are thinking about bathroom renovations, practicality should be held paramount. Your brand new bathroom should have better storage, improved lighting, improved drainage, modern fixtures and tap ware.

Below is some further advice for your bathroom remodeling project.

What to consider for bathroom renovations:

It is best to speak with the experts at Element Plumbing & Gas. We help you prioritise practicality without compromising on your preferred style.

Plan & budget

Before you go and buy those matching bathroom towels for the tiles, sit down with Brad to create a project plan and budget. There are no hidden costs with Element Plumbing & Gas, your final plan will include labour and materials.

Budgeting for your bathroom renovations is important. At the lower end, a small renovation may start at $8,000, but a full overhaul or extension might fall between $15,000 to $50,000. You’ll need to extend your budget if you’re wanting deluxe products like a rainfall shower head or marble ceramic tiles.

Ultimately your bath, toilet, sink, tap ware, tiling, electrical, counter tops and layout/design will determine the project cost. If your budget aligns with your remodeling goals, then let’s get moving!

Don’t DIY

Did you know that DIY plumbing and gas fitting is illegal? Make sure you call upon our adept team to carry out your bathroom renovations. One advantage of hiring professionals is that we handle all the paperwork on your behalf, including permits. Requesting authorisation can be time consuming, specifically when carrying out a bigger scale renovation project such as a bathroom extension.

In some cases, changes to the bathroom layout might be needed. You can rely on the expert team at Element Plumbing & Gas for a quick turnaround on creative solutions. Whereas an inexperienced renovator may take hours, days, or weeks to achieve the same result.

We perform renovation plumbing Perth residents can rely on for quick turnaround times.

We work with architects and trades

An excellent plumbing contractor will keep the communication lines open. We work with designers, architects, electricians, tilers, cabinet makers and builders as well as painters to make sure that every little detail achieves your desired outcome.

Our trades network

We work with a group of reliable trades to achieve successful bathroom renovations in Perth, Western Australia. We are also happy to collaborate with your preferred trade providers if required. From demolition, through to electrical, you can call upon Element Plumbing & Gas to manage your renovation project from commencement to completion.

Select quality materials

We can help you with selecting quality materials for your bathroom remodeling project.

First of all, decide which style you like by checking out or supplier websites, such as Reece, Dorf, Grohe or RAM.

If you’re in need of inspiration, we thoroughly recommend Instagram (#bathroomdecor) or Pinterest (bathroom design pins).

Or maybe an existing project like this one below might get your creativity flowing!

An Image of Bathroom Renovations 2020: Element Plumbing & Gas

Choose a flexible bathroom renovations partner

Selecting a versatile renovations partner that is happy to give up some creative control will ensure the outcome meets your expectations.

Brad and the expert team can also do kitchen and laundry renovations, also brand new homes.

We love working with our clients to achieve their dreams, so contact us today to achieve amazing bathroom renovations.