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Bathroom Upgrades That Won’t Hurt Your Hip Pocket

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Hi, it’s Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here. Bathroom upgrades can be the first step in making your home look brand new. If you have considered upgrading your bathroom as a goal for this year, in this post we give you some advice on how to get the remodelling right without hurting your hip pocket.

Sometimes a major renovation is not necessary. In fact, on many occasions, it is possible to remodel your bathroom without ripping everything back to the studs. Ultimately, the renovation will depend on your needs, budget and how much time you want to invest.

Talk to our expert team, we have all kinds of ideas for renovating your bathroom. From the simplest and most economical, to other more impactful ideas, that will turn your bathroom into your favorite corner of the house!

Toilet installation:

Today, toilets are available in a wide range of designs to adapt to any bathroom style and dimension. But which one is the best for your bathroom? It can be difficult to choose, especially if you are not sure where to start.

At Element Plumbing & Gas, we will guide you on the best toilet for your bathroom upgrades as we are experts in Toilet Installation.

Before choosing a new toilet, you should consider a few points. Make sure to look at your bathroom’s style. Is it a traditional or modern style? Knowing this will help you buy a toilet that enhances the design of the space. High-tank toilets make an authentic space through a traditional style, while wall-hung style adds a contemporary and elegant touch.

A photo of bathroom upgrades: Toilet and basin

Trough and Bathtub Installation for bathroom upgrades:

In bathroom upgrades, trough and bathtub installation play an important role. A built-in bathtub makes better use of space, while a freestanding bathtub is lighter and much more stylish. It is about sacrificing some space for a lighter and more modern aesthetic.

At Element Plumbing & Gas, our team of experts are adept in bathtub and trough Installation. Get in touch with us to get more information.

A photo of bathroom upgrades: Bath

Basin Installation:

The ideal basin should fit well into space and offer the basic functionality you need. If the size of your bathroom is lacking, it can be practical to select a wall-mounted washbasin. This solution offers more space and also helps with making your bathroom look bigger.

New basin installation is a relatively inexpensive and an easy way to upgrade your bathroom. Install a new basin top in your bathroom and make it look like a new room with the help of Element Plumbing & Gas.

Tap Replacement and Tap Installation:

Tap replacement offers practicality and style, that will complement your bathroom. Tap Installation is vital for a luxurious look and feel in the bathroom.

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At Element Plumbing & Gas, we recommend having your bathroom taps fitted by our experienced plumbers that ensure the perfect finish. Afterall, DIY plumbing in Australia is illegal…

Hire our team of experts and professionals who give you service, advice, and confidence and the gold standard of quality work you’d expect to see in your bathroom upgrades. We always ensure the quality of  materials and products, as well as the skills of our expert workforce.

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