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Plumbing maintenance for Perth families and companies

A photo of a plumber repairing a leak - Maintenance Plumber Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

Maintenance Plumber Perth

It is essential whether you are a homeowner or own a commercial business facility, that proper maintenance is carried out regularly. The key to this happening is finding a professional maintenance plumber Perth locals can turn to, knowing they possess the required experience and training. Proper care of the property whether residential or commercial is crucial to preventing large, damaging and expensive repairs later on. Large networks of pipes bringing water and gas into a building need regular care. Over time, without that care, they can become less efficient and repairs are more likely to be needed.

A photo of commercial plumbing pipes - Maintenance Plumber Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

Why plumbing maintenance should be a priority

  1. Improve the efficiency of your system – Especially when you have older pipes, but even with newer ones, things can back up, block, and the flow rate is then affected. Plumbing maintenance services can help remove these and detect leaks early before they are a real problem.
  2. Saving money and water – Maintenance is good for your spending and the environment. A dripping tap might waste as much as 20,000 litres if ignored for a whole year. That is water paid for. Fix the leak – you’ll save money and water.
  3. Regular maintenance prevents major emergency repair work – A plumber will spot problems before they are major and become a big issue.

The kind of services involved in plumbing maintenance services

  • Repairing or replacing taps
  • Finding leaks and preventing burst pipes
  • Installing dishwashers and other appliances
  • Fixing noisy pipes or water hammer
  • Repairing and replacing cisterns and toilets
  • Unclogging sinks and pipes
  • Repairing hot water systems
  • Maintaining and repairing plumbing in any room
  • Installing water heaters
  • Gas connections and leak repairs
  • Cooktop installation
  • Kitchen, laundry room and bathroom renovations
  • Backflow testing
  • Maintaining hose reels and fire hydrants
  • Checking stormwater drains

Looking for the best maintenance plumber Perth

When you start looking for someone to take care of your maintenance needs you should look for;

  1. Experience – There is a lot to be said to have a plumber come in with some years of experience. It means they have more to draw on when they come to take care of your plumbing. Look for a company that can handle small and large jobs and come with a good local reputation. When you find someone you like, they can be who you turn to every time you need a plumber, such as Element Plumbing & Gas.
  2. An emergency service option – Emergencies happen and as well as offering plumbing maintenance services it is a good idea to have a plumber you can trust to come out at any time if there is a real emergency after-hours.
  3. License and qualifications – Always only use a plumbing service that uses qualified, licensed and insured plumbers. That way you know everything is done safely and complies to Australian standards.
  4. References – Contact them and talk to past customers about the job they called them out for and how it went.


Sometimes people choose not to have regular maintenance as a way to save money. But when something goes wrong and you have to pay for emergency repairs or replacements, that is going to cost you more. Find a way to fit in plumbing maintenance Perth. It is a very important part of your responsibility and should not be forgotten.

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