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Christmas Plumbing Tips from Element Plumbing & Gas

A photo of a Christmas present. Christmas plumbing tips from Element Plumbing & Gas

Merry Christmas folks, it’s Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here. I have some Christmas plumbing tips for you this festive season! Not only can you apply these tips at Christmas time, but I’d love to see you implement them all year round.

This Christmas, make sure you:

1. Put your leftovers in the bin!

Too often we are called out to assist homeowners and businesses who prefer to flush leftover food and the like down the kitchen sink. I cannot stress this enough. Use your sink strainer to catch the leftover food, and throw it in the bin instead. This will save you from experiencing a blocked drain.

We also encourage you to make sure grease, oil and fat are also not washed down the sink.

Reason being, food scraps, oil, fat, grease and other items can result in a fatberg! Yes, cooking oil and fat can solidify in the sewer!

2. Use the PPP principle

If you’re hosting Christmas, your toilet is likely to be frequently used throughout the day. It’s worth putting up a sign to ensure users only ever flush pee, poo and paper down your toilet. This rule should be strictly adhered to. If you want to know about some of the stupid things we’ve pulled out of blocked sewer pipes, then check out this blog post on what clogs drains.

3. Stagger the usage of your shower

If you’ve got family staying with you during COVID-19 who were lucky enough to receive an exemption into Western Australia, then make sure everyone’s showers are staggered. Or maybe you’re welcoming family from rural WA, whatever your situation, allow 10 minutes between each shower to allow tour hot water to replenish (if you’re using a storage system) and to also let the drains clear.

We hope these Christmas plumbing tips are helpful

By following the tips above, we hope you have a plumbing-emergency-free holiday season full of Christmas cheer and fun times with your families.

Contact us if there is anything we can do for you.

Merry Christmas from the team at Element Plumbing & Gas

Thank you to new and existing clients of Element Plumbing & Gas for their support during 2020, it means so much to us and the pleasure has been ours in serving you.

Have a merry and safe Christmas, and we hope to see you in the New Year.

Thanks again,

Brad Deutscher and the Element Plumbing & Gas team