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What to do after a flood

What to do after a flood: Element Plumbing & Gas

Hi, it’s Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here. Our thoughts are currently with those outside of WA who are dealing with fatal floods as more rain continues to fall. What’s being described as a “one-in-50-years event” is the result of torrential downpours which have caused rivers and dams to overflow. We are very fortunate here in WA given that we are the only state not under a weather warning as of March 24, 2021. It’s heartbreaking to know that almost 1 third of Australians (10 million in total) are potentially impacted by increased rainfall, abnormally high tides, damaging surf, strong winds and resultant widespread damage. When the emergency situation subsides, many home and business owners will be asking themselves what to do after a flood. Here’s our advice on how a plumbing professional can support the recovery process:

What to do after a flood

You or your insurance company should engage a plumbing professional to inspect your home or business facility. Flooding can damage a residential or commercial property in ways you could never imagine. When the assessor carries out their analysis, your mind will most likely think of floor coverings, electrical systems, structural issues and appliances. One component that might not come to mind is the plumbing system, which can require special assistance to repair after a flood.

What to do after a flood: Element Plumbing & Gas

Unclog blocked drains

Flood waters from storm activity can create a build up of sediment in your drains. A licensed plumber is your best bet if you’re asking yourself what to do after a flood and need assistance with blocked drains.

Fix damage to exposed pipework

Debris can float around in flood waters and damage pipes that are connected to your residential or commercial property. Issues with exposed pipework might not be immediately apparent, and you’ll have to wait for flood waters to recede before knowing for certain.

Replace fixtures and tap ware

Fixtures submerged under flood waters for an extended period of time can create unseen damage. Tap ware and shower heads may need to be replaced to ensure flood water sediment does not then transform into mould. Any outdoor taps will need the same treatment and it’s also best practice to inspect basins, baths, toilets and the like to ensure they are not damaged and properly sealed. You should turn to a plumbing professional if you’re asking yourself what to do after a flood and need assistance with tap ware or fixture replacement.

Fix underground plumbing

If flood waters took many days or even weeks to recede, your sewers and drainage systems may have been compromised. Sediment and soils in flood waters can crush pipes due to the extreme weight. You may notice uneven patches of grass or brickwork around your property, this can mean sewer pipes have collapsed and need to be replaced or repaired. Flood waters can even shift the foundation of your property which also results in compromised underground plumbing.

Contact Element Plumbing & Gas to assist you after a flood

Again, we are thinking of our fellow Australians outside of Western Australia who are impacted by these fatal floods. If flooding impacts your WA based home, business or both, be sure to contact Element Plumbing & Gas.