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What are some bathroom renovation tips?

Bathroom Renovation Tips from Element Plumbing & Gas

Hi, it’s Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here. Lately I’ve been asked to provide some advice regarding bathroom renovation tips. I hope this blog post helps guide you on some quick wins you can achieve, because not all renovations need you to start with a completely fresh slate!

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Focus on comfort

At Element Plumbing & Gas, we believe that it’s important to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. Comfort starts with a luxurious bath! Our expert team excel in fixture replacement, which means that we are happy to replace your old tiled-in bath with a free-standing option.

There are other creature comforts you can add to your bathroom, and heating is highly recommended. A basic 3-in-1 bathroom light, heater and exhaust fan won’t break your budget, while providing you with added levels of comfort during the cooler winter months.

Think about functionality

While comfort is important, one of our most valuable bathroom renovation tips is making sure that the outcome is practical and functional. When we’re asked about functional upgrades, we like to cater for you and your partner.

Once upon a time, two shower heads in a shower recess was considered over the top. Not in this day and age, we install dual shower heads so that you and you partner can shower simultaneously.

Element Plumbing & Gas can improve the functionality of your bathroom with dual vanities. Our basin installation services means that there is twice as much space to groom and store all of your toiletries.

The feedback we get from homeowners regarding these practical bathroom renovation tips, is that dual shower heads and dual vanities help families get through morning peak periods when getting ready for work for the day.

Think about space

If knocking down walls and reshaping your bathroom is out of the question, Element Plumbing & Gas can help you plan, and get the best out of the available space.

If the existing bath in your en-suite is impractical, perhaps we can assist with our fixture replacement service offering. There are various sized baths to choose from to achieve a more spacious layout.

Think about the walls and floor

One of our most valued bathroom renovation tips by Perth homeowners is our tiling recommendations.

First and foremost, you should opt for floor to ceiling wall tiles. Why? While it may cost you a little more, it results in a more luxurious finish and saves having to paint.

Secondly, you should opt for a floor tile with a decent anti-slip rating. There are many aesthetically pleasing floor tiles out there with a high anti-slip rating. You may have come across the “R” rating system when browsing tiles. R-13 is the highest rating, while R-9 is the lowest. You’ll find some beautifully decorative tiles in the R-12 range.

Ventilation is super important

While the focus can shift to the placement and quality of extractor fans being used, it makes sense to ensure your shower has a privacy window.

We find this to be one of the more helpful bathroom renovation tips we provide, given the natural ventilation a bathroom window can provide. Your bathroom should be a relaxing space, not a dank area that fills with condensation at even the smallest hint of hot water.

If you’ve opted for fixture replacement as part of your bathroom renovation, minimising condensation can help improve the longevity of your bath, basins and toilets, as well as preventing the build up of mould and allergens.

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