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Choosing fixtures for your bathroom renovation project

Choosing bathroom fixtures for your renovation | Element Plumbing & Gas

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Choosing bathroom fixtures for your renovation project is a personal choice. Nowadays there is a lot to consider and many options for basins, bathtubs, toilets and creature comforts.

There are different types, styles and colours of basins to choose from. Same can be said for the range of different bathtubs to pair with your sink; from recessed solutions, to freestanding pieces of art, and clawfoot pedestal designs. Whatever your individual tastes, you can find basins and bathtubs to meet and even exceed your expectations! Whether you are looking into a complete bathroom renovation or simply opting for basin installation, bathtub installation and/or toilet installation, it is crucial that your choose a trained and licensed plumber.

Choosing bathroom fixtures

types of basins

Your bathroom basin is important. It’s where you brush your teeth, fix your hair, apply your makeup or shave your face. You should put some thought into which type will best suit your bathroom, given that a basin can really add style and appeal to the design.

  • Pedestal – A timeless classic that is commonly found in older and character homes. A pedestal basin sits on a slim base that then runs down to the floor in a cylindrical and thematic design. When considering basin installation, keep in mind that an elegant pedestal design offers no storage space.
  • Countertop – Also known as a bowl basin, it sits on a countertop and cabinetry, and is a suitable choice when in need of storage space. Bowl basins can be made of ceramic, porcelain, metal or glass. Countertop basins can be over 15cm tall and require tap installation that reaches up and over the edge for ease of hand-washing and filling the sink for grooming purposes.
  • Wall hung – Basin installation that is easy to clean and suits most rooms with limited space. Wall hung basins are popular and come in a range of styles and sizes. They are easy to clean and the most common varieties include the English turn corner, square wall mount and mount basin.

Choosing bathroom fixtures for your renovation | Element Plumbing & Gas

types of BATHTUBS

A central feature of the room that offers luxury and tranquillity in an otherwise busy life schedule. Element Plumbing & Gas perform quality bathtub installation to best suit your practicalities and convenience. Again, put some thought into which type will best suit; a bathtub can add style and appeal to your bathroom design.

  • Free standing bathtubs – the ultimate statement piece, providing an eye-catching focal point. Best suited to larger bathrooms where space is a luxury.
  • Recessed bathtubs – a practical solution in smaller spaces. Many recessed bathtubs are also paired with a shower head to make the best use of your precious square metres!
  • Clawfoot and pedestal baths – luxurious and deep bathtubs that make you want to light some candles and spend all day soaking in. Aesthetically pleasing and thematic when compared to a recessed solution, it’s always great to opt for a timeless classic for bathtub installation.


There are many other iterations of basins and bathtubs, but those mentioned above are the ones we most frequently install during our customer’s renovations. You may even wish to have a spa installed. Whatever your choice is, be sure to enlist a professional for basin installation and bathtub installationcontact Element Plumbing & Gas today!