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DIY is no match for Professional Plumbing Services

Choose Professional Plumbing Services over DIY | Element Plumbing & Gas

Many homeowners see a plumbing feature or gadget they’d like to add to their home, only to discover the installation is much more difficult than anticipated. I’m Brad Deutscher, owner of Element Plumbing & Gas, and I encounter this situation on a regular basis. My highly-trained team and I understand the dangers inherent in DIY projects that are plumbing-related. It’s always best to choose professional plumbing services over a DIY approach.

Recently, a client asked us to install a bidet after they couldn’t figure it out. Check out the bad wrap we gave the product in this Facebook post below:

Homeowners quite regularly buy these sorts of products online, little do they know that these add-ons don’t have Australian WaterMark certification. That certification proves a product complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia, which ensure that it meets health and safety standards. Installing an uncertified product can contaminate a home’s water supply, create toxic backflow, result in burst water pipes, and flood your home.

My team of residential plumbers Perth are highly trained professionals and respected experts in their field, with extensive knowledge in all types of plumbing systems. With the panic buying of toilet paper, we’ve noticed an increasing number of homeowners taking a DIY approach instead of hiring a plumber. This is worrisome as a simple mistake, or installing a faulty product has the potential to cause significant damage to homes, while impacting the health of your family.

Do Not DIY Water Filtration either! Rely on Professional Plumbing Services

My team at Element Plumbing & Gas are skilled plumbers Perth WA. We all provide a wide range of services, one of which is the installation of water filtration systems. Water can contain elevated levels of minerals ranging from calcium and magnesium to sodium and potassium.

These minerals create “hard water” that leaves residue on plates and glassware in your dishwasher, ugly cloudy buildup on your fixtures and tap ware, can clog your plumbing pipes, and can also lead to a premature demise of your home appliances. Hard water can also make you and your family sick. The hard water deposits can cause corrosion, less water pressure, and reduced water quality. When mineral deposits are present in your water supply, it significantly reduces the energy efficiency of appliances, resulting in higher water bills and extra wear and tear on appliances. Hard water may even void the warranties on appliances, read the fine print in your appliance manuals.

When it comes to water filtration installation, be sure to engage a first-class plumbing service provider. DIY is actually illegal and should be avoided.

We are also a blocked drain plumber that has solutions for pipes that are blocked by mineral deposits.

We are your one-stop shop for your plumbing and gas needs

My team and I provide a full range of services for homeowners and commercial entities. We fix, replace and install appliances, clear blocked pipes and provide regular maintenance to prevent problems before they occur. We are your one-stop resource for plumbing and gas needs, with a clear focus on your health and safety.

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