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Winter is coming… Hot water is a must!

Winter is coming... Hot water is a must

The weather has started to turn here in Perth. While temperatures don’t drop as low as they do for the Night’s Watch, discovering that your hot water is out of commission is a massive frustration, especially in the middle of winter. Whether you’re getting ready for the day, or returning home after a long day of work, a steady flow of hot water can often be taken for granted. While a cold shower is invigorating, it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it might be the only choice you have for keeping yourself clean! After the shivering has stopped, you’ll need to call upon a licensed plumber who can perform repairs on a gas hot water system Perth. Having said that, preventative maintenance is the smartest approach to ensuring your hot water system is in working order, but we do understand that older systems need replacing. A plumbing expert can help you choose the best hot water system for your needs, one that keeps your water heated all year round, is energy-efficient and reduces the ongoing cost of your  bills, all while helping the environment.

Choosing the right hot water system for your needs

There are many different types of hot water systems, some run on gas or electricity, while others use both or even solar. There a some that make use of a storage tank to keep your water at optimum temperature, while others instantly heat a flowing stream on demand. Depending on the size of your property, and how many people are living with you, there are different styles and sizes to accommodate your needs.

When you call Element Plumbing & Gas for hot water repairs Perth, you’re engaging a professional who has worked with your kind of water heating situation before, and if a replacement is necessary, we can help guide you with your choice. Just because you bought a property that uses an electric hot water system with a storage tank, doesn’t necessarily mean you should be choosing the same appliance, especially if there is a much more economical solution available.

Sourcing your hot water system

You can head to a supplier’s showroom, buy a new hot water system and pay them for installation on your property, but there are benefits when buying through an expert contractor such as Element Plumbing & Gas:

  • An objective opinion: Your plumber will not be affiliated to a particular make or model of water heater. Your plumbing expert can objectively guide you on which systems perform better, last longer, are the most economical and which heaters are cost effective to install.
  • You wont be taken for a ride by a contractor you trust: When it comes to a faulty gas hot water system Perth, it’s best to talk with a licensed gas fitter you have an existing relationship with. If there is an inherent level of trust between you and your gas fitter, they’ll restore your hot water supply with a solution that best suits your needs, instead of suggesting expensive alternatives.
  • Preferred customers get preferential treatment: In the even of an emergency, call on a contractor you have a strong relationship with for timely hot water repairs Perth. If you’re a preferred customer of a plumbing and gas contractor who you trust, then make sure they’re your first port of call, instead of choosing a provider from a quick Google search.
  • They have your best interests at heart: Your plumbing and gas contractor will help with warranty details of your new hot water heater. In the unlikely even that manufacturer issues occur after installation, your gas fitter can assist you.

Hot water is a must! Contact Element Plumbing & Gas immediately for replacement or repairs

Contact Element Plumbing & Gas immediately on 08 9400 6515 for hot water repairs, we can restore your hot water while saving you money.