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Top quality products used by the best plumbers Perth

When you engage a tradesman, you want them to use high quality and reliable products. At Element Plumbing & Gas, this is what you get. The best plumbers Perth householders can rely on, backed with quality fixtures and also tap ware.

I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and I only ever recommend using quality products to ensure a long term solution.

In my 15 years of experience, I have become familiar with what works, and also what doesn’t. Low budget, inferior quality products can become an expensive problem for you later on.

Long term relationships are important to me and I will educate you. It’s the working parts on the inside that are really important. For example, all household toilets might look the same. However, it’s the parts that you use every day, such as flushing mechanisms, that need to be of the utmost quality.

A cheap toilet with a low quality inlet valve can create unwanted noise and poor quality outlet valves prevent the toilet from flushing properly. This will be very frustrating as you may have to flush twice therefore wasting time and water.

I believe in customer satisfaction, personalised service and plumbing solutions that exude quality workmanship.

If you want to save costs on initial fixture installation, you’ll be paying extra on service and repairs. I will guide you on the best value for money products, because a little extra now for a quality product will save you money later.

Getting the job done right the first time is important for my clients, and also for me. If you buy a quality product from a reputable source, you’re going to receive quality ongoing service from the supplier. I use plumbing product suppliers who pride themselves on their after sales support and also ensure that it’s not hard to find parts.

You may choose to provide your own tap ware and no guarantees of quality can be made. I will look out for your best interests and recommend products where the longevity cannot be compromised.

Again, the quality that you cannot see is on the inside and the warranty period is the best judge of tap ware. The cheap stuff will be lucky to have a 12 month warranty.

The best Australian and German tap ware products come bolstered with a 7-15 year warranty. We recommend the products below because they are well priced and come with outstanding warranties.

The best products and the best plumbers Perth homeowners can rely on.


Dorf mixers, taps and shower heads are now covered by a 20 year warranty.


Many Caroma products have been developed to use up to 40 per cent less water.


Commercial tap ware solutions using superior quality materials and craftsmanship.


Australia’s most successful supplier of plumbing and bathroom products.

Grohe logo

Luxury bathroom taps, showers, shower heads and kitchen mixer taps made in Germany.

Ram logo

Specialising in the design and manufacture of quality bathroom fittings.

Top quality hot water solutions by the best plumbers Perth

I want you to be an ongoing client of Element Plumbing & Gas. I’ll guide you on the correct operation of your hot water system, and also inform you of the ongoing service requirements. I have a requisite duty of care for my clients and pride myself on being of value.

You can rely on Element Plumbing & Gas to provide you with expert advice on products and also materials. I can help you choose a hot water system, that best suits your home.

You may own a property which is north facing, or you may have a large scale house that accommodates a big family. I can devise a strategy to cope with your massive hot water load and overall water usage. For big houses, I recommend a solar hot water system that is gas or electric boosted.

You could use the solar part of the unit to generate the bulk of the heat, then rely on top ups from gas or electricity during the winter. This would best cater for many occupants in a large house, compared to a retired couple in a villa who can go with a smaller solution.

Your budget can impact the solution, as can having a gas connection.

There are different hot water system solutions that cater for various scenarios. As mentioned before, not every house has a gas connection. Furthermore, opt for solar and gas to discover cost savings.


  • Continuous flow
  • Storage


  • Instantaneous
  • Storage


  • Gas boosted solar
  • Electric boosted solar

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