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Backflow Prevention Device Testing Perth

Backflow Testing Perth

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. We carry out backflow prevention device testing at property boundaries for many of Perth’s commercial developments, facilities and multiple residence dwellings.

What is backflow prevention?

In a nutshell, backflow prevention is all about stopping the reverse flow of water in a plumbing system. Reverse flow of water is a genuine threat to Perth’s drinking water supply because water flowing in the wrong direction can be contaminated. Depending on the activities happening inside a commercial facility or multiple residential dwelling, consuming drinking water containing backflow could cause health problems or even death.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing: Element Plumbing & Gas

What is a backflow prevention device?

A valve that is installed on the boundary of commercial facilities and multiple residence dwellings or in strategic locations within a plumbing system where there is a risk of backsiphonage occurring.

Backsiphonage occurs when a water main bursts or when there are periods of high demand such as fire operations.

Because backflow prevention devices contain valves and moving parts, the expert team at Element Plumbing & Gas will periodically carry out backflow prevention device testing. We perform testing for zone and individual backflow prevention devices.

Backflow Device Testing Perth

Backflow prevention devices are registered with the Water Corporation, but are not maintained by the Water Corporation. As a result, Element Plumbing & Gas possess the requisite equipment and licenses required to perform backflow prevention device testing.

Only licensed plumbers who are qualified to install, test and certify backflow prevention devices are permitted to carry out such works.


– A direct quote from Water Corporation documentation

The Water Corporation inspect properties to ensure compliance with its Backflow Prevention Policy is achieved.

Due to the serious nature of backflow contamination, the Water Corporation can serve a legal order on a property owner or occupier to install a backflow prevention device.

Your builder must comply with all building approvals, which includes the installation of backflow prevention depending on the risk rating of the property.

A fully testable backflow prevention device must be installed at the property boundary for high and medium risk properties. These must then be tested every 12 months by a licensed plumbing contractor such as Element Plumbing & Gas.

Given their commitment to the environment, the Water Corporation have ceased accepting backflow device testing reports in paper format. As a direct result, Element Plumbing & Gas submit all reports via the Water Corporation’s online portal.

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