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Hot Water Installation Perth

Hot Water System Installation Perth

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. Is your hot water system due for replacement? Are you not getting a steady supply of hot water? Have you returned from a hard night of training only to discover your hot water isn’t working? If this is indeed the case, our expert team can assist you. We perform hot water installation Perth families can depend on to save them from the cold shower shivers!

We install a variety of hot water systems according to your needs. Our expert team’s product knowledge allows us to create individual solutions for each household. Whether it be a gas storage unit or an instantaneous electric systems, we have the know how and knowledge to guide you.

If you have gas available, you can opt for:

  • Gas boosted solar system
  • Instantaneous or
  • Gas storage system
Hot Water System Installation Perth

If you don’t have gas available:

  • Heat pump
  • Electric boosted solar system or
  • Electric storage system

It comes down to your requirements and we are more than happy to guide you.

We may recommend that you upgrade your old storage hot water unit for an instantaneous hot water unit. Instantaneous units only use hot water when you turn on the hot tap, in comparison to storage units which rely on a burner to maintain a consistent temperature. Upgrading from a storage to an instantaneous system is a more economical solution.

A gas main upgrade may be required to accommodate an instantaneous hot water system. Storage units typically use a 20mm gas main whereas an instantaneous unit may require a 25mm line depending on pressure readings.

Hot Water Repairs Perth

When you call a tradesman, you want them to be flexible, honest, straightforward and reliable. That’s what you get when you engage Element Plumbing & Gas.

We carry out hot water installation Perth homeowners can rely on to save them from the cold shower shivers! Contact us today for hot water installation services.


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