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Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain and CCTV Camera Inspection

Using CCTV drain inspection technology, we can pinpoint problems in a sewer pipe. Knowing where the problem lies enables us to minimise the dig site, expose the damaged drain and prepare it for fixing.

Locating the blockage more accurately and diagnosing the cause of the issue saves our clients time and money.

As you can see from the photography, the plumbers who originally carried out the work installed a cracked pipe. Over time, what was initially a slow leak transformed into a much larger issue. By force of nature, tree roots follow leaking water and grew into the piping, causing significant blockage.

In this instance, we lifted the paving and carefully dug down to expose the problem area of the sewer. Reversing the lazy work previously carried out was reasonably easy. We completed the repairs in 4 hours which included backfilling the sand, repaving the area and cleaning up after ourselves.

By fixing the problem at the source, we saved the client continued drain cleaning expenses. The drain was getting cleared 3 or 4 times a year and it made more sense to address the problem at the root cause.

When we clear blocked drains, we can’t be sure if it’s a one-off occurrence or if it’s an ongoing issue. By using CCTV camera technology, we can see if there is something more untoward that is causing a blocked drain.

Blocked drain

Completed January 2018


Same day turnaround


CCTV camera inspection