Hoyts Fremantle

Hoyts Fremantle Commercial Refit

This commercial refit project for Hoyts Fremantle required a full overhaul, including alterations to existing sewer and water services. This included tight access to suspended pipework 6 meters high above the carpark below.

The refit required a lot of alteration, going from the old layout to the new layout.

The Candy bar had a complete makeover to make it more “self serve” style, this required new penetrations through the suspended concrete slab to run new water and waste pipes to the new positions of postmix, frozen coke and coffee machines.

And of course we install water filters to all these machines to deliver crystal clear water, so you get the perfect drink as the end product, whatever it may be.

Thermostatic mixing valves were also installed to supply nice warm water to basins for hygiene purposes.

The old stainless steel urinal trough was replaced with modern, eco friendly water saving urinals. Each with its own sensor flush.

New fixtures were also installed along with new tap ware.

If needed, you are welcome to contact us for more information on this project.

Cinema refit

Completed December 2017


3 months


New fixtures
New tap ware
New Candy Bar