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Convert Shed to Granny Flat

A photo of convert shed to granny flat: Element Plumbing & Gas
A photo of convert shed to granny flat: Element Plumbing & Gas

At Element Plumbing & Gas, we partner with our trade affiliates to deliver exceptional quality renovations. The photos above demonstrate a classic example where we implemented our first-class plumbing and gas services in order to convert shed to Granny Flat.

Granny flat plumbing

If you’re in need of a Granny Flat, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to perform granny flat plumbing for a fully self-contained solution.

Whether it’s privacy and autonomy for a much loved family member, an office separate from your home, or even a small entertaining space such as a music studio, we are here to assist with granny flat plumbing.

For this project, we converted a shed to a granny flat for entertainment purposes. This granny flat is adjacent to a family pool. It’s great for the family to have the convenience of bathroom facilities right there. What this means is no more wet kids running through the house!

You do not have to compromise on practicalities when you convert shed to Granny Flat. It is really easy to convert a small area into a functional space that includes bedroom and bathroom facilities, as well as kitchen, laundry and living room facilities.

Convert shed to Granny Flat

Below is a photo of a small bathroom of a shed to Granny Flat conversion taking shape. Element Plumbing & Gas were heavily involved in the conversion, carrying out the following steps:

  • Council approval
  • Rough-in to ensure all plumbing lines are in place
  • Drainage services to locate stormwater and sewer connections, then subsequent setup
  • Gas connection
  • Tube out to bathroom, kitchen and gas bayonets
  • Water service, ultimately connecting the Granny Flat to Water Corp infrastructure and installing pipes from water meter, through the ground, then into the roof and walls to required fixtures
  • Sanitary plumbing in accordance with building code regulations and AS3500 for waste lines
  • Final fit including fixtures, taps, appliances and hot water installation

The photo shows that fixtures and tap ware are missing – these were installed straight after all ceiling coving.

We worked alongside electrical, tiling, cabinetry and building professionals to achieve a sensational outcome for the client. This convert shed to Granny Flat project was greatly appreciated by the much loved family member who now inhabits the self-contained living space.

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A picture of Convert Shed to Granny Flat: Element Plumbing & Gas
Granny Flat Plumbing

Completed Feb 2021


10 days



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