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Instant Gas Hot Water System

A photo of an Instant Gas Hot Water System Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

For an instant gas hot water system Perth locals can call upon Element Plumbing & Gas

Hi, it’s Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here. It’s great to see another happy customer 👌🏼 after the installation of this replacement hot water unit. We swapped out an old storage type hot water system for this brilliant 6⭐️ energy rated continuous flow system. For an instant gas hot water system Perth locals can rely on our expert team!

Why is continuous flow better?

An instant gas hot water system will ensure a continuous flow of hot water until you flick off your mixer or turn off the hot tap. The 6⭐️ energy efficiency rating is a result of only using power and gas when it’s needed. It is very inefficient and costly when you heat water in a storage tank. Instead of wasting a heap of power and gas to maintain your hot water at a constant temperature, the instant gas hot water system only fires up when you need hot water. With a continuous flow system, you can reduce your energy and gas bills.

Think of the environment

Furthermore, by replacing your gas storage unit with a continuous flow system, you’re reducing your family’s impact on the environment.

The solution

An instant gas hot water system Perth locals can have installed at an affordable price is the THERMANN 16 featured in the image above.

On this project, we wanted to not just solve a customer’s problem, but upgrade their hot water system with a more suitable approach. Furthermore, a 12 year warranty on this THERMANN 16 ensures the owner is covered for the life of the unit.

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Instant Gas Hot Water System

Completed June 2020


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