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Plumbing A New House

Plumbing A New House: Element Plumbing & Gas
Plumbing A New House: Element Plumbing & Gas

The expert team at Element Plumbing & Gas recently completed new home plumbing for this luxurious residence in Gooseberry Hill. When it comes to plumbing a new house, we complete all the necessary steps to ensure quality outcomes. From rough-in slab plumbing, all the way through to sanitary and final fit, we took great care to ensure our client was happy with the final outcome!

Project scope included:

Pipe pre-lay before slab down

We carry out the process of rough-in plumbing before the concrete slab is poured. What this means is that any plumbing pipework that runs under the home is put in place, ready for toilets, baths, taps and the like to be connected after the concrete is poured. We carry out new home plumbing Perth homeowners can rely on to get the initial steps  right the first time.

Sewer connection to septic system

Adequate waste management is critical for all homes. Given that Gooseberry Hill is too far from the Perth metropolitan area to be connected to the deep sewer network, we excavated the earth, then constructed the septic system’s trenches, leach drains and pipework. The health department approved the drainage channels in advance, which were then covered with a biomat and gravel to prevent toxins from escaping the septic system. These steps are essential when setting up septic and plumbing a new house.

Plumbing a new house is incomplete without adequate water and drainage services

We setup the new home on the Water Corporation’s network by reticulating pipes from the meter and throughout the walls in the house. As mentioned above, sewerage connection was unavailable but a stormwater connection was setup. As far as unique drainage solutions are concerned, our expert team installed elevated drains to the first floor of the home.

We also carried out sanitary plumbing, ensuring all waste lines were setup in accordance to standards.

Fixtures installation

All fixtures were installed including sinks, troughs, toilets and the like. But the most amazing features we installed were a beautiful free-standing stone bath for that opulent and luxurious touch, and an outdoor pool shower with an incredible view of Perth’s surrounds! We love getting our bling on when plumbing a new house.

All important appliances

The client opted for two continuous flow gas hot water units to cater for such a large property. We also installed gas freestanding cookers in kitchen and outdoor areas.

Final fit

The client chose high quality tap ware for that final touch a grandeur.

Give us a shout for plumbing a new house

We are new build plumbing contractors Perth builders and homeowners can rely on for first-class results. Give us a shout by filling out our contact form or calling Brad on 08 6400 6515. We can even help you lodge your plans for council approval.

Plumbing A New House: Element Plumbing & Gas
New House Plumbing
Gooseberry Hill

Completed July 2021


6 months


Rough-in plumbing


Tube out

Water service


Final fit