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Septic Tank Overflow

Element Plumbing & Gas: Septic Tank Overflow Fixes
Element Plumbing & Gas: Septic Tank Overflow Fixes
Element Plumbing & Gas: Septic Tank Overflow Fixes
Septic Tank Repairs

Hi, Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas here to guide you on how to best care for your septic system. With planned emptying, cleaning, correct upkeep and timely inspection, you can improve the functionality of your septic tanks. We can ensure septic tank overflow doesn’t happen in your property.

Septic tank overflow

This customer called us in a panic, explaining that there was sewage overflowing into their garden. They had no idea how it happened, why it happened or what to do.

Engaging an expert to keep detailed service notes, periodically drain and inspect your septic tank will ensure issues like this never occur. Element Plumbing & Gas recommend every 3 years to keep your septic system in full working order.

We attended the customer’s home and found their septic system to have many faults. The inlet piping was poorly installed and allowed tree roots to penetrate and block, the tanks were well overdue for a clean out with excess sludge and tree roots infiltrating the system and the leach drains were completely blocked and nonfunctional. This caused the tanks to leak, causing a dangerous and unpleasant environment.

Having said that, septic tank overflow can occur faster in some cases than others. As mentioned, our rule of thumb is periodical 3 year inspections to ensure all is working correctly.

Getting septic tank plumbing right the first time

Had the piping not been so dodgy, it’s likely the customer’s septic system wouldn’t have become blocked. Not only did we repair the piping, we also checked the condition of the leach drains. As it turned out, the leach drains were of a poor quality, so new leach drains also needed to be installed.

Systematic septic tank maintenance prevents health hazards

As mentioned, proper maintenance will ensure healthy functioning of your septic system and prevent septic tank overflow. Having the system pumped out routinely will prevent any overflows from occurring.

It’s a massive health hazard for sewage to backflow and infiltrate into toilets, bathrooms or other parts of a residential or commercial property. Sewage back-up usually gives off a horrible odour and can also cause plumbing pipes to malfunction. Be sure to stay on top of your septic system maintenance!

Early detection can save you money

That’s the good thing about scheduled maintenance, spending a little bit of coin ongoing can save you a heap of money in the long run. It can be costly to dig up and fix septic system issues.

Say goodbye to septic tanks with Sewer Conversion

If the Water Corp has recently rolled out sewer in your neighbourhood, Element Plumbing & Gas can assist you with decommissioning your old septic system and connecting your household to the newly implement sewer. Contact us today for more information on Sewer Conversions and say goodbye to septic tank overflow.

Septic Tank Fixes

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