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Appliance Replacement

Appliance Replacement Perth

For a new cooktop or gas hot water system Perth homeowners can rely on us.

No job too big or too small. You can expect same day diagnosis and fix or replacement of household appliances such as gas hot water, cooktops, dishwashers and space heaters.

Long term relationships are important to us here at Element Plumbing & Gas. I can help guide you on modernising plumbing fixtures and improving the face value of your house.

Or I can guide you on ways to improve water and gas efficiency that result in cost savings on your utility bills.

Gas Hot Water System Perth

My product knowledge of gas hot water systems allows me to create unique solutions for each individual circumstance. From gas storage unit solar split systems, to instantaneous electric systems, Element Plumbing & Gas can help you with hot water installation.

Appliance Replacement: Gas Hot Water System Perth - Element Plumbing & Gas

Depending on the location and size of your house, you may need a gas main upgrade from the gas metre. Every property has a different gas pressure reading at the metre and each appliance has a different load. With this in mind, we can determine an adequate size. A storage hot water unit may use a 20mm main from the metre. If you upgrade to instantaneous hot water, your gas main may need an upgrade to a 25mm line.

For a new gas hot water system Perth clients can rely on us. Hot water installation  makes up the bulk of our appliance replacement work!

Economical Solutions

I do my best to create trust and provide advice on economical and efficient appliances you can install in your home.

Storage units constantly keep a volume of water hot, and as a result, constantly flare up to sustain a constant temperature. A more economical solution is an instantaneous hot water unit, because it only comes on when you use the hot tap.

In commercial situations where large volumes of hot water are used, such as a gym or a school, I recommend the installation of multiple hot water units to cater for the load.

Contact us for advice on commercial appliance replacement.

Appliance Replacement Services

I am flexible and happy for you to choose a replacement appliance at your local household appliance store. Whether it’s a new cooktop or a dishwasher, my team and I have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, the first time. If you’re unsure on a make and model, I can source your new appliance and install it on the same day.

I will guide you on how to operate your new appliance and support you when you need assistance. If it’s a warranty issue, we can guide you on the best person to talk to.

Contact us now for appliance replacement services.


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