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Sewer Conversions Perth

Convert Septic to Sewer

Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. Have you received a letter from your local council or the Water Corp advising that deep sewer is now available in your area? If so, we are here to assist. We perform sewer conversions Perth homeowners can rely on.

Our plumbing experts decommission your septic tanks and connect your property to the new deep sewer infrastructure.

Septic tanks and leach drains are being phased out over Perth, thanks to more environmentally friendly deep sewer connections becoming available.

Although if you live in the eastern range areas or country, you’ll still need the septic system due to there being no deep sewer infrastructure.

Coastal areas such as City Beach, Sorrento, Two Rocks and other coastal areas including rural Western Australia can now make use of deep sewer.

Act quickly! You have two years from the date of notification to have your sewer conversion performed. Save your money on septic tank maintenance and improve the environment.

Sewer Conversions Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

The deep sewer infrastructure assists in the recycling of water. Furthermore, sewer conversions save you money and eliminate the need to maintain your septic system. Ongoing expenses for septic pump out and replacing leach drains are now a thing of the past. Sewer conversions Perth locals can rely on.

We primarily carry out sewer conversions for residential customers. However, our expert team has also performed conversions for customers in commercial and recreational sectors.

Convert from Septic Tank to Public Sewer:
The Process

  • Element Plumbing & Gas submits Notice of Intention to the Plumbers Licencing Board.
  • Upon approval, our expert team decommission your septic tanks:
    • Pump out septic waste.
    • Break the base of each septic tank.
    • Fill the septics tanks in with clean fill.
    • Compact and reinstate ground levels.
  • Divert the house sewer to the Water Corp’s connection.

As a fully licenced plumber our final step is to lodge a Notice of Completion with an “as constructed” drawing to the Plumbers Licencing Board. Again, this ensures that the final solution complies to Australian standards.

Contact us today for a fully licenced and qualified team of plumbers with first-class expertise in sewer conversions.


Country and Metro. Callout Fees Deducted From Your Bill.