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Outdoor Shower Installation

Outdoor Shower Installation | Element Plumbing & Gas
Outdoor Shower Installation | Element Plumbing & Gas

At Element Plumbing & Gas, we understand how invigorating it is to shower outdoors in your backyard. We recently installed this luxurious showerhead and various components for a family in Scarborough and have carried out many other within the Greater Perth region. Outdoor shower installation is a great investment, with the potential to increase the perceived value of your home. Not only do outdoor showers make good fiscal sense, they’re also a salubrious addition to your home.

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Above is another example of outdoor shower installation we carried out for a family in Gooseberry Hill.

Why opt for outdoor shower installation?

In our opinion, it all comes down to convenience. If you want to wash the chlorine or salty water off your skin after a swim or surf, then an outdoor shower is highly recommended. Maybe you’re a labourer and want to wash all the mud and dirt off after a long day at work without traipsing the gunk through your home. Outdoor showers are also very helpful when washing your dog after a trip to the beach. Whatever your needs are, Element Plumbing & Gas will help you determine how what kind of outdoor shower will best suit you and your home.

The plumbing involved with outdoor shower installation

This will entirely depend on your needs, and what plumbing already exists in your property. You can usually save some coin when the shower is closer to your house, or even installed on an exterior wall. That way, it’s easier for our team of experts to set up the plumbing. Installing down the side of your house will provide easy access to existing hot and cold water services.

Drainage is also a crucial matter to consider, local codes will dictate whether a drain is required or if you can simply divert the runoff into your garden. Decking is great as the water can runoff straight through the slats, we’ll just need to make sure there’s adequate drainage under the decking and that structural integrity isn’t going to be compromised.

If the side of your home has good air flow and is exposed to a reasonable amount of sunlight each day, this will help prevent mould from growing, which can be toxic to your family.

What materials should be used for outdoor shower installation?

Marine-grade stainless steel is a good choice, especially if your property is situated close to the ocean. Powder coated, stainless and chrome fittings are good, and so too are bronze and copper as these look sensation when combined with some of the greenery from your garden.

Privacy matters

If your home is surrounded by double-storey properties or even apartments, you may opt for an enclosure. For outdoor shower installation, slatted wood screens and reed walls are good options. Or given that you’re outdoors, you could even make use of cleverly placed foliage to shield your family from prying eyes. Stronger plants can be used for hanging shelves to store environmentally friendly body wash and shampoo.

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Outdoor Shower Installation

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