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Subdividing Perth Lots

Subdividing Perth Plumbing: Element Plumbing & Gas
Subdividing Perth Plumbing: Element Plumbing & Gas

We assist with the plumbing involved in subdividing Perth residential and commercial lots

Many Perth property owners find creative ways to leverage better profits from their real estate. This project was no exception, and our expert team frequently assist with the plumbing involved in subdividing Perth residential and commercial lots.

For this job, we provided a second sewer connection. This allowed the property to be split in two, with each lot being connected to the deep sewer service.

Having said that, each subdivision project is unique. We have assisted with subdividing Perth properties where the mortgagor kept their home, and smaller lots were sold off as green title. It was then our job to come in and connect each new block of land to the deep sewer network. We’ve also done the same for property owners who have subdivided with the intention of building rental properties. A handy investment given Perth’s increasingly competitive leasing market!

Having said that, the rules behind subdividing Perth properties can differ. Some councils, shires and cities in Perth don’t even allow subdivision. Differently zoned areas of Perth have differing minimum lot requirements that need to be adhered to.

Some properties in coastal and rocky areas previously relied on septic systems. Since the Water Corp extended deep sewer into these areas, we also work on subdividing Perth properties that require sewer conversion.

We’ve decommissioned many septic tanks over the years, and we are happy to implement deep sewer connections given how much more environmentally friendly they are compared to septic tanks and leach drains.

Contact us for subdivision plumbing

If you’re in need of drainage and deep sewer connection, you can contact Element Plumbing & Gas. We are experts in the plumbing required for subdividing Perth properties. Be sure to reach out to us.

Subdivision Plumbing

Completed May 2021


10 days


Drainage and Sewerage