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Underground water leak repair

Underground water leak repair | Element Plumbing & Gas
Underground water leak repair | Element Plumbing & Gas

Element Plumbing & Gas assisted this client in Wangara with underground water leak repair. Carrying out this important job in a timely manner meant that the client saved themselves a hefty repair fee, with minimal disruption to the property.

Our expert team made use of our advanced leak detection techniques in order to locate the issue 1 metre below an industrial lot common driveway. Had this been left for much longer, it may have caused damage to the foundation of surrounding buildings. Leaks found inside constructed buildings, in behind walls, under concrete slabs, or in this case, under asphalt, can easily go undetected if commercial facility owners and tenants do not pay attention to their water bill and signs of unwanted moisture pooling around their building.

Underground water leak repair

Overall, the leak was causing the client to waste around 210 litres of water per hour. The worrying sign for the client was that there were absolutely no signs of a leak at ground level. Element Plumbing & Gas use specialised state-of-the-art acoustic equipment to locate leaks. In this case, the culprit was just a small pin hole leak.

Given that the underlying issue was small in nature, our expert team were able to successfully excavate and repair the problem, while allowing surrounding businesses to continue using the driveway when needed.

Unique solutions for our client

After performing the underground water leak repair, we made use of an extra skillset we like to implement in unique circumstances. At Element Plumbing & Gas, we like to save our clients the extra expense and hassle involved with having to hire multiple contractors. Our expert team completely reinstated the excavated asphalt, restoring the common driveway on the industrial lot to its original condition.

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Underground water leak repair

Completed July 2022


Half a day