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Burst Pipes Perth

Plumbing Leak Repair Perth

Some bursts might be visible to the eye and others wont be. In this case, leak detection is required.

I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas, we locate and repair leaks in water mains with a same day turnaround. Stop wasting water and money! We carry out water leak detection Perth families can rely upon.

Burst Pipes Perth

Have you noticed an unexplainable rise in your water bills? It could be due to a small leak in a water pipe.

Not only does a slow leak hit you at water bill time, it can also cause damage to your house.

A water leak behind a vanity unit may result in the entire removal and replacement of your bathroom cabinetry because of water damage.

We carry out repairs on burst pipes Perth homeowners and businesses can vouch for.

Burst Pipe Water Leak Detection Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

If the water damage is extensive, you may notice cracking and bubbling paint in the walls. In this case, you’ll most likely need need tiles replaced and painting carried out. While my plumbing team and I will help fix the root source, you’ll need to talk to our renovation partners to finish the job.

We fix water mains more regularly in older houses. Water leak detection Perth locals can rely upon. For burst pipes Perth, we’re here to help.

Water Leak Detection Equipment

Detecting water leaks can be simple and complex. Inspecting the cause of a leak in a shower recess can be as simple as degraded silicon seals that have deteriorated over time. Shower grout can also age, resulting in small pinholes. Both can lead to water leaking into the outer walls.

Other causes of water leaks can be old tap ware, or, you guessed it, a burst pipe in the wall. This is where our leak detection equipment comes into play.

Our leak detection device is a fancy “piece of kit” and works using acoustics. It wont work on minuscule leaks like shower grout as it picks up on the sound water makes. The leak might be entering the ground or a wall from a pipe and the display box will reflect this activity.

In the circumstance where a leak is invisible, we use earphones to identify the root source of a leak, and establish where the higher sound level is coming from.

Gas Leak Repair Perth

We all know what a gas leak smells like and it’s a reminder to act safely and quickly. Most homeowners know what to do in the case of a burst water pipe, and a gas leak is no different – shut off the mains!

What to do in the event of a gas leak

  • Next to your gas metre is an isolation valve, you must act promptly and shut it off with the aim of protecting life, the environment and your property.
  • Be sure to not use any ignition source such as a cooktop or lights.
  • Be sure not to turn on any fans as these are also an ignition source.
  • Do not light up a cigarette.
  • Ventilate your property as best as possible, open doors and windows.
  • Call me, your local and friendly gas fitter to assist with fixing burst gas mains.

We 100% promise a same day turnaround because a gas leak is such a massive disruption. Usually we will only need to replace a gas appliance. We go above and beyond to ensure your safety with a pressure test on the gas main before swapping over to the new appliance. This can detect a leak elsewhere in the line, which can be a process of elimination.

The leaking gas main might be out of sight and under a concrete slab, in this case we need to find all joints and connections. The Element Plumbing & Gas team and I have a wealth of experience and possess the skills to locate where gas leaks in concealed pipework.

When it comes to gas leak detection Perth homeowners can trust us to take away their pain. We use a high tech nozzle gas detection device can identify combustible gas. Have peace of mind knowing that we have strong knowledge and skill in the use of gas leak detection equipment.

Contact us today for assistance with gas leak detection.


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