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Fixture Replacement

Fixture and Tap Replacement

Basin, kitchen sink, laundry trough, tap ware and toilet replacement Perth

Same day turnaround on economical and environmentally friendly modernisations.

Hi, I’m Brad. You can enhance your property’s perceived value with improved toilets, basins, kitchen sinks, laundry troughs and tap ware.

Myself and the team at Element Plumbing & Gas have sound knowledge of Australian standards and experience installing new products.

Care is taken to ensure the utmost quality and from a legal perspective, new fixtures and tap ware needs to be installed by a licensed plumber.

I can save you from the worries, hassles and legalities of DIY plumbing.

If you want to update your fixtures for aesthetics or because they are broken beyond repair, contact us today.

Fixture Replacement - Toilet Replacement Perth: Element Plumbing & Gas

Toilet Replacement Perth

Is there a physical problem with your toilet? Has the bowl or tank porcelain cracked and water is leaking on your bathroom floor? A DIY approach is not advised and could make the situation even worse.

When it comes to toilet replacement Perth homeowners can trust Element Plumbing & Gas. After all, it’s the most common fixture we install.

Toilet Installation

We are experts and know the process of toilet installation, such as the position of the waste pipe and water supply. This is crucial to ensuring successful installation and is never a one-size-fits-all approach.

When choosing a replacement toilet it’s best to select one with a similar or larger footprint than the existing toilet. This ensures you can cover the void of the existing toilet, otherwise you’ll need to engage a tiler to cover any tiling gaps.

The typical warranty on a toilet suite is 1 year parts and labour.

Element Plumbing & Gas works in tandem with our partners to achieve bathroom revamps.

When performing renovation plumbing, a toilet is positioned in order to best utilise the available bathroom space. This then allows for a bigger bath, shower recess and installation of his & hers bathroom sinks.

Another option is to have a concealed cistern within the wall and a wall hung or pedestal pan which will give you more floor space and a luxurious feel in your ensuite, bathroom or powder room.

Bathtub Installation, Basin Installation and Trough Installation

An affordable and quick way to give your bathroom a new lease on life is to have a new counter top and sink installed. We can work with our renovation partners to carry out a mini-revamp that doesn’t hit you in the hip pocket.

Under-mounted kitchen and laundry troughs also look sensational.

Given the lack of moving parts on baths, basins and troughs, the typical product warranty on fixtures is 10 years.

Before installing new basins for residential clients, we encourage them to consider how often an existing basin is used. To accommodate for the “morning rush hour”, a his & hers double basin might be needed.

In commercial industries, extra basins might be necessary to accommodate for heavy traffic. We also install new bathroom and kitchen fixtures outside of work hours to minimise the impact on business and cash flow.

Tap Replacement and Tap Installation

New tap ware is a cost effective way of upgrading the look of your bathroom. The latest on-trend tap ware comes in matte black and gold. New tap ware is a striking addition that will help to transform the look of your bathroom.

Most tap ware comes with a generous 7-20 year warranty depending on where it’s manufactured.

When it comes to bathroom tap ware, you have the option of installing taps in walls rather than through the top of your sink or counter.

If a renovation is not on the cards, we can replace your existing tap ware with the latest and greatest on offer. The best plumbers use the best products – check out our suppliers.


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